Ryan Jonathan Fraser

November 11, 1980, ~ May 14, 1995

Tribute in Memorium to my Son

He loved to draw and was creative.
He loved rap, baggy pants, backward caps and T-shirts with cartoon characters.
He liked his third-grade school picture, best.
He was called The Candy Man and took a variety of camping trips.

He was a friend to many and defended smaller kids.
He loved animals, dogs, cats, geckos, lizards and had many.
He loved to visit family.
He liked fireworks and bottle rockets.

He liked to build bikes and get parts at the college swap meet.
He loved to watch it rain.
He found wonderful things in the mountains and brought them home.
He loved to go fishing and shoot guns.

He wanted to drive.
He could ride a horse.
He was a best friend, dependable and loyal.
He had endurance.

He climbed mountains better than his peers and adult men.
He could swim well.
He knew what responsibility was.
He had pride and understood leadership abilities.

He would laugh when I poked in the ribs.
He really wanted a job and to make money.
He wanted to ride in a limo.
He received third place in a junior high drawing contest.

He won first place in a second-grade coloring contest.
He loved his family and they all loved him.
He had a girl he would visit.
He liked his Canadian roots and wanted to go visit.

He liked video games and Jim Carey movies.
He could lash a pole and tie just about any knot.
He liked slot machines and playing pool.
He read Tom Sawyer.

He favorite color was green.
He loved Halloween, Christmas and was born on Remembrance Day.
He had cramps in his legs from growing tall so fast.
811 11:55
514 12:35

He grew his bangs long.
He thought it was OK and then donated his eyes.
He knew what Bullets & Ink meant.
He enjoyed surprise afternoon movies.

He had a hard time with school work.
He was older than his years.
He had good common sense, street smarts, and knew it.
He touched a lot of people in 14 years, 6 months, 3 days and 40 minutes.

Until we meet again.

I will Love You Always – Mom

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